Examensarbete Utilizing Machine Learning to Detect Non pseudo Design Conflicts in BIM Models

Sista ansökningsdag: 2020-11-01 - Göteborg

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We give you the opportunity to write your master thesis at NCC. We also give you the opportunity to get to know our organization, gain valuable experience and establish contacts for the future. In addition, we get to know you and you can show us what you can!

The time-frame for the Master's Thesis is spring term 2021.

Background and scope

Clash detection in BIM is a common process. It is a main responsibility of VDC managers. The process as it is now involves developing, maintaining and running rulesets then reporting conflicts that cannot be tolerated. The process of developing and maintaining rulesets then conflict classifying still a time-consuming and costly one. Increasing efficiency of the process leads to a better design and design process.


The purpose of this Master’s thesis is to develop a bot to support VDC managers in carrying out clash detections.


The aim is to replace the role of VDC coordinator with an AI powered virtual agent.


The study will use available ifc libraries for data collecting and preparing. Develop a ML model and train it on detecting clashes then evaluate it.


Master’s Thesis 30 hp

Placement and compensation

You will be located in Gothenburg and your work can result in a possible compensation.

Welcome with your application!

If this sounds interesting or if you have questions please contact Ramus Rempling at NCC R&D via rasmus.remplng@ncc.se. The application is open until 1st November 2020.


We are accepting applications continuously.

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Rasmus Rempling