About NCC

NCC is one of the leading construction and property development companies in
the Nordic region. The Group had sales of SEK 62 billion in 2015, with
approximately 18,000 employees.

About NCC

NCC develops and builds future environments for working, living and communication.

Supported by its values, NCC and its customers jointly identify needs-based, cost-effective and high-quality solutions that generate added value for all of NCC’s stakeholders and contribute to sustainable social development.

Financial targets and dividend policy

NCC aims to generate a healthy return to shareholders under financial stability. The return on shareholders’ equity after tax shall amount to 20 percent. The level for the return target is based on the margins that the various parts of the Group are expected to generate on a sustainable basis, and on capital requirements in relation to the prevailing business focus.

To ensure that the return target is not reached by taking financial risks, net indebtedness, defined as interest-bearing liabilities less cash and cash equivalents and interest-bearing receivables, must never exceed 1.5 times shareholders’ equity during any given quarter.

NCC’s dividend policy is to distribute at least half of after-tax profit for the year to the shareholders. The aim of the policy is to generate a healthy return for NCC’s shareholders, to provide NCC with the potential to invest in its operations and thus to ensure that future growth can be created while maintaining financial stability.

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STRATEGY 2012–2015

NCC has a strong financial position and solid potential to expand its operations, provided that the market outlook does not deteriorate significantly. The aim is to primarily grow organically and in existing markets but this may be supplemented with acquisitions. NCC aims to achieve profitable growth and be a leading player in the markets in which it is active. Being a leading player entails being among the top three companies in the industry in terms of profitability and volumes.

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Key strategic issues

Achieving profitable growth is contingent on a number of critical conditions and key issues. NCC aims to always be the customer’s first choice. To achieve this objective, NCC focuses on four key areas when engaging in customer relations; one company – one voice, understanding the customer’s business, openness and clarity, and delivering the right product with the right quality at the right time.

NCC operates in mature markets characterized by price-based competition, which means that cost reductions are a prerequisite for achieving organic growth. NCC will continue working to reduce construction costs.

NCC will capitalize on Group synergies in both support functions and operations. There are operational and financial synergies.

The housing development business is a Group-wide activity. Growth of the housing development business will require more efficient processes and a broadening of the product mix. One step toward more efficient processes will be further cooperation between development and production operations. Other steps include developing construction systems that reduce costs, improving quality and increasing the level of specialization in development and production operations. NCC’s product mix will be expanded to include lower price segments and additional rental units.

NCC aims to be the leading society builder of sustainable environments and will capitalize on this sustainability perspective to proactively develop new businesses.

Growth priorities

Three markets and areas will be prioritized:

  • Growth in Norway within all business areas
  • Establishing a presence in the civil engineering ­market in Finland
  • Expansion of the housing development business in all markets

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